Eco-Struct LLC
  Eco-Struct is owned and operated by Elizabeth A. Erickson. 
Raised in an architect/artist family, Elizabeth experienced the 
trades at a young age. In 1995, she purchased a delapidated 
farmhouse and then began the journey of remodeling. Since then, 
a more delapidated stone house was remodeled and renovated, 
dating to 1860-era. This home is on a historic walking tour 
brochure. While remodeling/renovating these homes, contractors hired
her for interior and exterior projects. In 2014, Elizabeth was hired as a sub-
contractor and in 2015 both subcontracting and direct work was performed.
Elizabeth is fully insured, and can complete various projects
having a broad base of experience. Her focus is on solving the issues that
exist in a home, whether that is a flow problem for work tasks of the homeowner,
or lighting needs, interior and exterior color palettes, widening doors, etc.
  To complete your work, Elizabeth brings to task her many exper-
iences on homes, with creative problem-solving. A BS degree with
Drawing and Painting extends the range of possibilities for creative treatments.

Dwelling Contractor No. 1346485
Dwelling Contractor Qualifier No. 1346483
Lead-based Renovator Training: 
   certification underway 

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